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What is PrensaRank?

Prensarank is the most budget collaborative SEO community , where you can buy articles on newspapers from 10€ Sharing with like-minded people.

We have over 70 newspapers available, where you can create groups, or buy them just for yourself at discounted prices of 40-80% off.


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We will write relevant news for the user in accordance with the hottest trends and topics, where your company name will be mentioned. The push of online renown will instantly be shown on the SERPS because of the release on Google News and front covers of important newspapers.

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In a few clicks you will be ordering important features on media sites with a high authority in Google. It is not a simple review; Google will grant you authority and trust in its search engine.

Grow and blossom

Companies with the best presence on the Internet have always used the featuring on the media to strengthen and give authority to their websites with regard to search engines. It is part of the latest strategy that only the best SEO perform when they want to see instant results in a effective and safe way. Simply, an essential SEO strategy for 2016.

Easy to use.

You won't have to teach yourself to write a press release in order to obtain a proper distribution on the best media that will improve your website in search engines in a matter of hours. The only thing you need to do is send us your business' URL and let us know the keyword by which you want to be found. We will write the news article for you.

Get the attention of thousands of customers

If Internet is the world's biggest shopping mall, PrensaRank gives you a shop in every corner. We distribute your news and place your business in front of millions of potential customers that seek products and services like yours.

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There isn't any other service that guarantees the attention of a professional editor and distribution to high-authority places, with prices from only 10€. There is simply no other.


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